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Replic8 Server Replication
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The Replic8 Managed Server Replication solution is a fully managed remote server replication solution, creating a virtual mirror of your production servers. Our data replication system utilises an existing internet connection either by Fibre or Radio link to transfer customer data to your virtual servers hosted within Replic8’s secure environment.

This is a hosted service, where all client virtual servers are hosted on Replic8’s VMware or HyperV platform. The hardware is owned and
maintained by Replic8. No extra investment needs to be made by customers for any hardware or other storage equipment. Replic8 offers replication for customers using existing virtual servers on any platform and customers using physical servers running on either the Windows or Linux platforms. The solution differs, dependent on the customer environment.

The complete process is as follows:
Virtual Servers
Replic8 performs a full backup of the virtual server including the vdmk (disk file) and vmx (configuration file) onto a local backup server. On a daily basis the entire virtual server is replicated to our secure infrastructure. Only changes since the last full backup are replicated thus decreasing bandwidth usage.

Physical Servers
Replic8 virtualise physical servers which is a process where the physical server is converted into a virtual server – that runs on our virtual platform. Replic8 will complete initial server virtualisation on-site on our hardware – once complete Replic8 move your virtual server onto our secure infrastructure located within Replic8.

Virtual Machine Archiving
VM archiving is a comprehensive solution that incorporates traditional backup and virtual machine archiving in a single operation. Shutting down, relocating, and archiving inactive virtual machines can solve the problem of virtual machine sprawl, when virtual machines are created but not cleaned up; this issue is especially common in development and testing environments.

Both replication services are completely automated and managed by Replic8. The customer will receive daily logs once the previous backup completes with all the relevant information. Replic8 monitor the logs daily for customers and will report to the customer if any issues arise. Customers using VMware or HyperV for production servers will receive daily logs of the entire virtual machine backup process. Our replication service is fully customizable to accommodate the customers needs. We do offer Cold,Warm and Hot Standby for all our replication services.

A Package for every requirement

  • Server Replication Setup Fee
  • 100GB
  • 200GB
  • 250GB
  • >250GB

  • Daily
  • P4000
  • P1900
  • P2100
  • P2200
  • Special Pricing

  • Live
  • P4000
  • P2750
  • P3050
  • P3200
  • Special Pricing

  • Archiving
  • P1000
  • P1000
  • P1200
  • P1300
  • Special Pricing

Own Hardware

We also do have the option for you to provide your own hardware and we will managed the replication process on your behalf. Please contact us for more information on this.

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