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The Replic8 Managed SAN (Storage Area Network) Replication is fully managed SAN replication service. SAN to SAN replication is a service where a centralized repository of stored or archived data is duplicated to another centralized data repository in real-time. Storage area network replication provides an extra measure of redundancy in case a main storage system fails.

Your data is one of the most crucial assets of your business. With SAN Replication, we can guarantee you have continuous data backup protection. Any disaster fail-overs are fully automated, as well as the fail-back to production. With near zero restore time, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your necessary data and applications.

For private clouds, SAN-to-SAN replication delivers fast recovery times with a solution that can failback to production gracefully once the disaster has been mitigated and the production data center is back online.

With a Replic8 SAN Replication in both your private cloud and the offsite disaster recovery cloud, you can achieve rapid site-to-site replication and faster disaster recovery times. With data replication as often as every 5 minutes between data centers, the disaster recovery site can achieve recovery point objectives (RPO) as fast as 5 minutes with recovery time objectives (RTO) in an hour or less.

Your disaster recovery cloud can be configured to automatically take over on the failure of the production servers or be managed directly by Replic8 engineers.
Once the cause of the emergency failover has been mitigated, SAN-to-SAN replication has the added benefit of providing a seamless failback from the disaster recovery data center to the production data center by reversing the replication process.

If your application requires fast disaster recovery or easy failback capabilities, the SAN-to-SAN replication solution could be the right disaster recovery solution for your private cloud.

Advantages of SAN – San Replication
• Cost Effective
• Simplified Management
• Supports the private cloud
• Data recovery with multiple recovery points
• Disaster recovery failover
• Failback from disaster recovery to production
• A recovery time objective (RTO) of 1 hour
• A recovery point objective (RPO) of just 5 minutes
• Fully reserved servers for disaster recovery.
• Network replication
• Disaster recovery testing at any time.
• Emergency response system to alert Online Tech team and/or your team in the event of a disaster.
• Audited for HIPAA compliant hosting and PCI compliant hosting

SAN replication breaks down into two main types: synchronous and asynchronous.

Synchronous replication copies data to a secondary site (or sites) as soon as the data is created. Asynchronous replication does it in non-real-time, after the fact.
The advantage of synchronous replication is that it eliminates the risk of accidental data loss. The downside is that it requires low-latency communication because the secondary site must confirm that each packet has been received without error. The farther the secondary site is from the primary, the harder that is to accomplish.

Asynchronous replication will theoretically work over any distance, but your risk of running behind the primary site grows as the distance between sites increases. Asynchronous replication also risks data loss in the event that the primary site goes down in between replication sessions. There are some workarounds, however. These include multi-hop replication, in which an intermediary SAN within a viable distance is written to using synchronous replication, followed by asynchronous replication to a secondary site much farther away.

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