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Our secure and robust platform architecture is second to none – Replic8’s Managed CloudBackup solutions are built specifically with data backup & retrieval in mind, ensuring complete peace of mind. The Replic8 Managed CloudBackup solution is a fully managed backup solution that offers an extra layer of data security to optical or tape backup solutions, providing complete data protection.

Our online backup system requires little or no effort by the customer. Our powerful 448 bit encryption makes sure your data is safe and secure from security threat. The online backup system requires little or no effort by the customer.

The costs associated with Backup and recovery plans can be high. Hardware and software costs coupled with the financial implications involved with the hiring and training of staff can alone be extremely high. In addition to these initial costs, there is the time needed to perform the backup process..

Depending on the amount of data your company warrants as critical to backup, and the amount of data you generate on a daily basis, the time for backup can be extensive. Online remote backup will no doubt reduce costs dramatically. We offer an incremental backup service, a once off full backup will be taken on site, once complete Replic8 will migrate the data to our backup server infrastructure.

Incremental backups will run daily, this type of backup will only backup the data that has been modified on any given day. Replic8 uses remote incremental file sync tools to move only changed bits of data, greatly reducing bandwidth by not backing entire file or data sets and only changed bytes.

The backup process itself is completely automated which ensures efficient execution, resulting in ease of access to relevant backed up files. Daily reporting is configured for all customers to receive detailed information about the previous days backup. This information is monitored by Replic8’s daily ensuring any data Transfer issues are quickly resolved. Through its automated process, Replic8’s Managed Remote Backup solution needs little or no additional investments, and with the quick and easy availability for data recovery, your company should see immediate results in your budget.

A Package for every requirement

  • Cloudbackup Setup Fee
  • 2.5GB
  • 5GB
  • 10GB
  • 20GB
  • 50GB
  • 100GB
  • 150GB
  • 200GB
  • 300GB
  • 400GB
  • 500GB
  • 1000GB
  • >1TB

  • Home
  • P499
  • P29
  • P49
  • P79
  • P99
  • P199
  • P349
  • P450
  • P599
  • P899
  • P1199
  • P1499
  • P2999
  • Special Pricing

  • Corporate
  • P2000
  • P79
  • P99
  • P149
  • P249
  • P499
  • P749
  • P949
  • P999
  • P1199
  • P1399
  • P1499
  • P2999
  • Special Pricing

  • Reseller
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options
  • Various Options

Cloudbackup Plugin’s

Type Price
Microsoft Exchange 50
Microsoft SQL 50
Mailbox Plugin 25
MySQL 50
Oracle 50
Microsoft Sharepoint 50
PostGreSQL 50
Cpanel 50
Extra Server 50
Extra Laptop/Desktop 25

What’s Included in our Cloudbackup Packages

Our Cloudbackup packages include a free 30 day Trail.

  • Encryption
    Robust data encryption with up to 448 bit Military strength protection – based on the blowfish algorithm
  • Data Compression
    Powerful data compression based on the ZLIB algorithm.
  • Incremental Backups
    Intelli-Delta technology for Incremental backups. Backs up only changes in files and not the entire file every time.
  • Multiple File Versions
    Support for backing up multiple versions of the same file with time stamps for easy restores. Cloudbackup also supports additional full backups.
  • Data Archiving and Retention
    Include retention policy features where you can keep the data up to 10 years.
  • Easy Web Restore
    Intuitive browser based user interface makes backups & restores easy for end users.
  • Multiple Plugins
    One comprehensive solution for desktops, laptops & servers. Server backups include SQL Backup, Exchange Server Backup, Active Directory/System State Backup, and MySQL Backup in Windows & Linux.
  • Multiple Local Data Centers
    Your data is kept on servers within Botswana and you have a choice from two different data centers.

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