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Replic8 Disaster Recovery Services
Botswana’s Leader in Cloud and Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery is not just for large organisations. Leading analysts have hard facts that point to two out of five businesses, of all sizes, that experience a disaster, go out of business within five years of the event.Many companies believe that a disaster is a once in a lifetime incident. In fact, these incidents are very common with growing numbers of viruses, security breaches, software issues, hardware failures, data corruption and power interruptions. Thankfully, more catastrophic events such as weather-related incidents, fires and sabotage are exceptional. However, most successful companies, small or large, prepare themselves for all potential eventualities.

Do you know which systems are most important to your business?
Would you be able to work without your most important server? Would your employees?
How long can you be without a certain piece of equipment?
How much data can you afford to lose?
How would you go about getting systems back on track if you had a failure?
What are your recovery time objectives?
How much money are you losing while crucial equipment is down?
Are regular backups of data preformed at least daily?
Are regular backups of the applications and operating environment preformed at least daily?
Are Backups kept o-site?
Are there at least three versions being retained?
Has a complete local recovery of key services been tested?

We ensure that you can:
• Get your business backup and running.
• Maintain good Corporate Governance.
• Develop Disaster Recovery plans.
We do all of this for you, at costs you can afford, assuring you don’t have to develop expensive in house skills.
The business has been operating for 6 years and has developed a large client base.

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