About our Replic8 Cloud services
Botswana’s Leader in Cloud and Disaster Recovery Services

Our Managed approach to Cloud services and Disaster Recovery is unique in Botswana. Replic8 was born out of the Vision to be a Botswana based Disaster Recovery Service provider, to empower our clients with the best service, and knowing their Data is good hands.

Well that was 8 years ago….

Replic8 have grown to be the leader in Cloud services and Disaster Recovery Services in Botswana.Our Product Portfolio has expanded to cater for every need of our customers

Who are we: foundation for our business
Well we are a Team of incredible people!!!
Replic8 is owned by Mr. Rob Pool, Mr Lindsay Neilson and Mr. Garth Taylor. Rob and Lindsay is based in Botswana, whilst Garth resides in the UK.Rob has been the managing director since the inception of Replic8 in 2009. Garth joined Replic8 shortly after the inception as Senior Engineer. With Garth’s knowledge and Rob’s expertise, the foundation of Replic8 was set. Lindsay joined the company as investor in 2011. With all three Directors extensive and specialised skill set in the IT Sector, Replic8 started to grow in leaps and bounds and is still growing.

Why choose Us: thriving on Excellence
We are passionate about our work and services we offer.
We believe and know we are your best choice!
We have successfully executed our work for several years.
We empower ourselves by continuously keeping up to date and on the forefront of the latest technologies.
We are here to Stay and grow with our Customers!

Expertise: core ability in our business
Replic8 wanted to improve on their portfolio and service delivery, so in 2013 a decision was made to move Replic8 data center into VBN Botswana Data Center. VBN is the leading ISP in Botswana and have direct agreements with various international ISP’s, like Vodacom,MTN and IS Solutions. VBN operates two state of the art Data Centers in Botswana. Replic8’s primary Data Center is based at Masa Center in the Gaborone new CBD and a secondary data center in Commerce Park. During 2014 Replic8 expanded their services to included various managed cloud hosting options. Over and above the Virtual Server options, Replic8 oer Sage ERP 300, Sage Evolution and Sage VIP in the cloud.

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  • info@replic8.co.bw